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Bus order

In addition to the passenger cars of business and premium class, we posses buses which have from 6 to 45 seats. You can order a bus by one of the phones in the Phones menu.

The buses we have are:

Volkswagen Multivan

Convenient minibus Volkswagen Multivan has 6 passenger seats. Volkswagen Multivan is a premium version of the minibus Volkswagen Transporter. Minibus is intended for use in the services of the organization of transfers, corporate transportation. Multivan has the flexibility to transform the passenger compartment for convenient meetings directly while driving.

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Volkswagen Caravelle

Volkswagen Caravelle is comfortable and convenient minibus for 8 passengers. Inside Volkswagen Caravelle is very comfortable and there is plenty of space for comfortable transportation of passengers and their luggage. Aside from the convenience and comfort of Volkswagen Caravelle has a high level of security, which is achieved through an impressive array of equipment and special systems. Volkswagen Caravelle is a professional solution for transporting your guests.

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Mercedes Vito

Mercedes Vito is a comfortable microbus for 6 passengers, which has high quality stylish and comfortable interior. Ideal for both business trips and for traveling families.

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Mercedes Viano

Mercedes Viano is a top vehicle in its class, designed for the carriage of 6 passengers. The small space in the luggage compartment is compensated by smoothness, convenient facilities and high-quality sound insulation.

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Volkswagen Crafter

Volkswagen Crafter is a high quality and, most importantly, economical passenger transport, which features innovative technology, modern designs and best quality vehicle designed for comfortable transportation of passengers. Spaciousness of the passenger compartment - 11 seats.

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Fiat Ducato

Fiat Ducato is a roomy minivan of the italian company Fiat. 14 passenger seats can comfortably accommodate a considerable delegation.

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Mercedes Sprinter

Mercedes Sprinter is a comfortable and roomy vehicle, allowing to carry up to 16 passengers. Thanks to the high-quality interior and comfortable seats is perfect for corporate trips around the city.

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YUTONG is a roomy bus designed to carry 30 passengers. Most often used for corporate trips within a city or region.

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YUTONG is a comfortable bus, equipped with everything necessary for long trips. Bus capacity is 45 seats. Equipped with climate control, comfortable and adjustable chairs, refrigerator and hot drinks.

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To order minibuses Volkswagen Multivan, Volkswagen Caravelle, Mercedes Vito, Mercedes Viano, Volkswagen Crafter, Fiat Ducato, Mercedes Sprinter, as well as buses YUTONG in Donetsk you can call one of the phones in the Phones menu. Our dispatchers will specify the details of the order and will accept your order as quickly as possible, taking into account all your wishes.