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Corporate clients

Our experience in cooperating with many corporate clients enables us to offer a separate range of services aimed at providing transport support for corporate clients.

Corporate taxi - is a relatively new type of service in the transport market, which is currently in demand and, above all, beneficial to our corporate partners.

Among the services of corporate taxi are:

- meeting and transfer of delegations at the highest level (using premium executive cars as well as buses and minibuses with a possibility of negotiations on the way);

- transportation services during business trips in the Donetsk area and other cities;

- priority during a car order;

- transport support at all levels (from the transfer of senior management to business travel for the company);

- documents delivery;

- possibility of non-cash payment (as well as the calculation of Visa and Master card directly moving in a car);

- full accountability of the use of cars (call time, idle time, mileage).

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